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to our website about recording Family Interviews, specifically that of Grand Parents and our Parents.  Who have all lived full and adventurous lives.  Each with a vast number of old memories and interesting personal stories to tell that can be passed on to future generations.  Granted, one does not need to be a Senior to sit for a family video interview.  Everyone should be included with no one left out.  So that valuable family history and stories are not lost to time.

Call the Production number at (650) 281-5029 if you simply would like to know more without reading anything below.  All of our examples shown were of people who simply sat down and were interviewed by a family member.  In the comfort and convenience of there own home.

We have created this remembrance video service to offer a very high quality video recording service.  At an affordable consumer price in reach of most everyone.  Watch our production examples below and think about offering our professional video service to members of your family be they Young or Old

So that their recordings that will capture all of their life essence in their given time of life.  Then can be saved and shown to future Grand Kids and Family Members who can then truly remember who they were in today's living world.

Yes, you can save the expense of our affordable service and just use your personal cell phone tomorrow.  Download these Do-It-Yourself steps for a self-powered production done in your own time frame.  But I missed recording my father Frank, before he passed away unexpectedly in life one day.  My mom Josephine passed away early in her adult life when I was only 28 years old.  So I also don't have an interviewer of her to remember her by.  I missed my opportunity to capture my Dad exactly as he was in the 2010s.  Full of life and plenty of stories to tell everyone.

This production service is dedicated to my late parents - Frank and Josephine Louie (no video available sadly).

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